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Fraudulent Bank of Mount Hope cashier checks are being circulated.

Typically, cashier check fraud occurs when someone wants to purchase a product from you over the Internet and uses a cashier check to pay for the purchase. Many times in fraud situations the check is made out for an amount in excess of the purchase price. Then the buyer wants the seller to accept the full amount and send the extra money back. If you’re faced with a situation like this, you may be experiencing cashier check fraud. Do not cash or deposit this check.

Fraudulent cashier checks have also been sent to individuals claiming they have won a sweepstake or lottery and ask the winner to return a portion of the check in exchange for a larger prize. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The people who do this are usually from out of the country and there is little local law enforcement can do since they are outside their jurisdiction.

Please contact the bank at 304-877-5551, if you have any concerns about whether a cashier check is counterfeit.

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